They come like wild flowers. I got used to solitude, I got used to my own skin.

Then you came out of nowhere, and you caressed me. Your hands touching my skin, this time. But you lied to my heart. With the soft strokes of your finger tips, you made me feel that I mattered, that I was enough. But you didn’t really want me. You just wanted to make me feel like you did, so you could feel good about yourself. 

All of the wildflowers, are taking their toll on me. Instead of already feeling whole in my own solitude, I have come to yearn for that certain sweetness that you can’t have on your own.


I am…

I am the dark moon. I am the light that trickles down from the sun.

I am the wind that moves mountains. I am the storm that can’t hold on. 

I am the love that surronds us, the magic that is hidden.

I am the heartbeat, that you feel close to you, the one that is so close to your heart. The heart beat that still beats even when you’re not there.

I am the girl, that took you by surprise. The one that came out of no where. The girl that fell from the stars.

I am the girl, that will grab your hand and squeeze it tight. The girl that will make your dreams even dreamer, and your days so full of light.

I am the girl, that will come to you, bare and naked, open and whole.

I will rise you from your sleep, like the perfect sun waking up.

I will kiss you a thousand and one times. I will wrap my heart around you, and never want to let you go.

When we say goodbye I will cry a million tears. I will hold on to our memories and play them over my head, again and again.

I am the dark moon and you are the sun that lights me up.


It’s all okay, because you are worth the wait. I still need a little bit more time to find myself.

My longings, are my own. This is the place that I have had to come to.

This place, where I no longer need to desire or yearn or even crave. This place right here, where all that I need to feel, I already do within every part of me.

I will get to that place, when I’m dancing. That sweet, sweet place where you will see me fly.




I had forgotten how good a coffee tasted. I had forgotten how good the world tasted.
So I gave myself the permission to stop just that little bit more.
I realised that it’s okay to tell myself that it’s the clouds that are really moving, and not the sky.
I realised that it was okay to talk to a stranger, to talk to a dog as if it were a person.
That just to feel the warmth of the sun touching my back is enough.
I realised that it was okay to enjoy the rain, that it not only cleanses the earth but it cleanses me too.
I realised, the sun and the rain can wake us up, if we just let it.


You never left, you’ve always been here.
In the shape of a flame, flickering away, in a place that is close to  my heart.

The sky has always held us both, together in its embrace.
It already knows who we are, it knows the song of my heart, the song that we dance to when we are laying down with our hearts beating close together.

But still I can’t reach you. I feel parts of you, but not all of you.

I want to know, if I should still hold your sweet gaze, for just a little while longer.


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I lost my soul, in between the broken pieces of the past.
I got caught up in the drama of other people’s conflicts.
Then I found my fire again.
I learnt how to let it cradle me, hold me.
I learnt that I deserved so much more, that I was good enough, that I mattered.
I could and see the light trying to touch me, to show me that it was there, and that it never left.
I held onto it, as much as I could.
I had fought so much before, but life wanted me to fight even more. So I did, I fought as hard as I could.
Life needed me to realise that I already was the fire.


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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I become lost in the shadows, even for just moments.
The sky doesn’t feel familiar, and all I want to do, is to escape to any place but here.
But the day rises again.
All that was lost becomes found, all over again.
The sky comes back to me.
It wakes me up inside , sweetly whispering, to me with its wild breathe.


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All you got to do is breathe.
Breathe in all the oxygen.
It’s not that hard.
Life is waiting for you, it needs you to stay open, to let its magic reach inside of you.
We are here for so much more than this.
Don’t let life down, don’t let yourself down.
You have come so far, but to just show up here is not enough.