I am…

I am the dark moon. I am the light that trickles down from the sun.

I am the wind that moves mountains. I am the storm that can’t hold on. 

I am the love that surronds us, the magic that is hidden.

I am the heartbeat, that you feel close to you, the one that is so close to your heart. The heart beat that still beats even when you’re not there.

I am the girl, that took you by surprise. The one that came out of no where. The girl that fell from the stars.

I am the girl, that will grab your hand and squeeze it tight. The girl that will make your dreams even dreamer, and your days so full of light.

I am the girl, that will come to you, bare and naked, open and whole.

I will rise you from your sleep, like the perfect sun waking up.

I will kiss you a thousand and one times. I will wrap my heart around you, and never want to let you go.

When we say goodbye I will cry a million tears. I will hold on to our memories and play them over my head, again and again.

I am the dark moon and you are the sun that lights me up.


Life wants you to know…

Life wants to know what you are made of. It already knows who you are and what you need. But it wants to know more of what you ache for.

Life wants you to know what is inside of you. It wants you to realise that their is nothing you can’t face. It already knows that you’re already the fire. Now it needs you to know this.

That’s why life makes you ache sometimes, it breaks you down until you feel like their is nothing left. But their is my dear, underneath all the layers you have wrapped around yourself  is a wholeness so pure, so full of love and magic.


You never left, you’ve always been here.
In the shape of a flame, flickering away, in a place that is close to  my heart.

The sky has always held us both, together in its embrace.
It already knows who we are, it knows the song of my heart, the song that we dance to when we are laying down with our hearts beating close together.

But still I can’t reach you. I feel parts of you, but not all of you.

I want to know, if I should still hold your sweet gaze, for just a little while longer.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I became lost in a world that hides behind steel cages. When all that is sacred becomes pushed away.
In a world where time is never enough, we are never enough. We are fooled you know.
The world telling us that there is a place that we need to be, a place we need to get to. We are taught that we will never have enough money and we need the “perfect” body.
Where love has been twisted, that only our desires are important.
We are made to feel so inadequate and small. We aren’t meant to be free, we are meant to suffer.
But I wont be fooled. You can’t fool someone who has already been here so many times before.
I have the oldest part of this universe inside of me.
When I walk, I walk with the wind
softly brushing against me.
When I speak, I speak from my heart. My heart is love and so is every part of me.
You see, you can never ever ever beat love.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I was still holding on.
I wanted that impossible dream, to be saved. To be somewhat cleansed and renewed. Kind of like, back to the start, back to the magic.
I yearn for this fire, that is so inside of me, it even surrounds me.
But I’m still learning how.
How to walk through it, without getting burned.
Making it to the other side, unscathed, without any scars.
But that’s impossible right.
I have learnt allot about love, about people, about us.
Beautiful souls that I meet along my way, they are the ones that save me.