Your body a sanctuary, your skin holding me. But they were just moments of gold, trying to hold on. It wasn’t enough.

You wanted my skin, not what was underneath. But I believed you, when I felt us.

I was just a prized possession, but not one you wanted to keep. When you were with me, I was still out of reach, because you were out of reach. You felt what it was like to lose me. So you let go.

And I’m grateful.

You let me be your sky and then you left. And that’s ok.



It feels like yesterday, since I could feel all of you. I broke apart, but in the best kind of way. We laid there our naked skin, wrapped together. Swept away by the moment, nothing else mattered. Except for streams of sunlight creeping through the open window. It made shadows dance along the white concrete wall.

That night you needed me. You let me climb your walls, as I felt your heart open even more. I felt your freedom. And you felt mine.

But nothing good ever stays the same. You left and you said goodbye to me in my dream. Even now I still feel you, every time I see the shadows dancing. It reminds me of that night, that still feels like yesterday.


You grew on me like wildfire. Your hand on my skin, and finally I felt what it was like to touch you. The moment our skin touched, I could feel your energy drawing me in. Your touch, your lips like shards of light flickering like stars. I felt raw and holy underneath the moon. That night when you held me with your kisses all down my neck. You listened to me as you held me in your space.


Find that space in the sky, where the sunlight is trying to come through. Let it touch you. It longs for you. Feel its freedom. Allow it to reach you, to touch you and fill you up with goodness and hope. Let it hold you and trust that it can.

It wants you know that their is nothing that you can’t handle.


This life…

I must remain, that little bit vulnerable. So I can stay open and free.
The challenges we face can only make us stronger. Nothing sacred will ever get lost in between.
I can be at peace, with uncertainty.
I can be braver, than I have ever being before.
I am made for this. This life, and everything that comes along with it.


I’m grateful for the in between,
the messages that are left behind.
There is much beauty in the unknown.
Life gives us what we need, not what we think we need.
You got to trust it. It has your back. Life is why you are here. It knows you more than you even you know yourself. It’s reaching out for you. It needs you to need yourself. So it can be free.


I truly believed that was it. I would never have to deal with a toxic man again. I truly thought all the pain associated with those kinds were over. I truly thought that life had put those to rest for me. Well that isn’t the case.
Life of course as it always does, has other ideas. And life’s ideas always happen, no matter what.
But now I know so much more. Life had already freed me from the denial and even rage. Life had already taught me lessons, the ones I need specifically to these such situations or people.

The wind still keeps moving and the air always tastes so fresh. And that’s the real point really. That life keeps on moving and breathing, and becoming and remembering, no matter what.


It’s okay…

It’s okay to fall apart. It’s okay to allow dismay and despair reach inside of you. Allow it to reach inbetween your crevices an in between the spaces that are bare. These are possibilities, openings. The opportunity to free yourself like never before.


I will not let this break me down.
For it changed me, you changed me, life changed me.
You showed me I was worthy and I believed you.
Nothing could ever darken our days.
For they brought with them, what dreams are made of.
It was real, you were real.
They are our moments.