Be one with it all…

Sometimes their are moments where I feel lost. Instead of being one with all I feel scattered. I know I need to be one with it all, because that’s the point of all of this. It’s the secret, but it’s not really a secret. Life gives us messages, omens. And it’s up to us to be open enough to see them, be guided by them. It’s all inside of me, every single answer my heart already knows. But knowing this is not enough. I need to trust and let go. They are our gifts you know. So I need to embrace them like they’re treasures, because they truly are.

I’m learning how to be more courageous, to open my whole heart, to myself, to all that is. To honour me, all of me. With no restraints, just like the wind.


Your body a sanctuary, your skin holding me. But they were just moments of gold, trying to hold on. It wasn’t enough.

You wanted my skin, not what was underneath. But I believed you, when I felt us.

I was just a prized possession, but not one you wanted to keep. When you were with me, I was still out of reach, because you were out of reach. You felt what it was like to lose me. So you let go.

And I’m grateful.

You let me be your sky and then you left. And that’s ok.



It feels like yesterday, since I could feel all of you. I broke apart, but in the best kind of way. We laid there our naked skin, wrapped together. Swept away by the moment, nothing else mattered. Except for streams of sunlight creeping through the open window. It made shadows dance along the white concrete wall.

That night you needed me. You let me climb your walls, as I felt your heart open even more. I felt your freedom. And you felt mine.

But nothing good ever stays the same. You left and you said goodbye to me in my dream. Even now I still feel you, every time I see the shadows dancing. It reminds me of that night, that still feels like yesterday.