I breathe into the uncomfortableness, until I reach a certain softness.

It’s connections with others is that I long for. I find it, in deep conversations with strangers and smiles exchanged with people walking by. Love is everywhere, and I feel it everywhere, even in moments of despair. Because even inside the storm, their is wonder and hope.

The storm can take us to the other side. We need its power, its strength to wake us up. Don’t forget what you already know inside. Their is a thread that binds us to everything. It sways in the wind, and dances with you.

Embrace the uncertainty, the mystery and the silent music (that plays in the background).


Life has given me a clean slate,
wiped away with rain.image
It’s telling me that I need to trust, this I already know.
The time has come to face what I know deep down I can.
I have faced far worse than this.
I can do it.
Even when I’m laying on the ground, fallen and all alone.
A silent whisper of light always holds my hand.