Stars shaped like diamonds. Scents of yesterday, lingering. I hold the magic close to me.

I used to feel afraid. Life was passing me by, and still I held on. Afraid that if I gave away all of me, their would be nothing left. That I would be too much, or not enough.

Then I remembered who I was, who I really was. And not just the me I could actually see, but the unseen part of me. My essence, my life force.

The calling came before I was born. The real part of me has always been here. Parts of me inside the ocean and inside every sky.

Life held on, and I never let go.


Your body a sanctuary, your skin holding me. But they were just moments of gold, trying to hold on. It wasn’t enough.

You wanted my skin, not what was underneath. But I believed you, when I felt us.

I was just a prized possession, but not one you wanted to keep. When you were with me, I was still out of reach, because you were out of reach. You felt what it was like to lose me. So you let go.

And I’m grateful.

You let me be your sky and then you left. And that’s ok.


The way you broke me down with your kisses, and then you reached my soul. Something happened. Something inside of me changed and shifted.
You are my love muse, my real make belief.
Everyone comes into our life for a reason. To teach us, help us grow.
You showed me parts of myself I yearned to find. You helped me put my stars back in the sky. You made me believe again.
May you always be well,
may life treat you kind and may you find love like no other.
Till we meet again…Xo